Welcome to
Nixon Assisted Living of Houston

A Family at the Assisted Living Facility

Your new home awaits! Nixon Assisted Living of Houston is a facility for individuals aged 18 and above who have physical, behavioral and mental health issues.  We also take care of residents who need personal care and attention and may need mobility assistance from time to time.

Cost-Effective Services
You may have a family member who requires 24-hour supervision but you may not have enough resources and time to cover for their needs yourself.  At Nixon Assisted Living of Houston, our assisted living program is ideal for families who seek help for their loved one who faces difficulty in a normal living or community environment.  Our setting at the facility is similar to the comforts of home but with the ready and always-available assistance from staff who specialize in personal care and assistance with Daily Living Activities.

Personalized Treatment
At Nixon Assisted Living of Houston, residents are given individualized treatment to ensure that their basic and/or complex assistance requirements are attended to properly.  We coordinate with the physician and family members as well.  To schedule a consultation with us, please set an appointment.